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CEO Message

It is said that mom's milk is th best gift sent by Heaven.

All moms are eager to provide the best food for their babies.

A world where moms and babies happily live together.

Nothing is better to babies than mom's milk full of love of mom.
founded on the belief that the best product should be provided for moms and bebies, MSJ Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manu-facturing pumps.

We, MSJ Co., Ltd., have developed the technology to manufacture small compressors.
On the basis of the technology, we have been producing and selling the breast pump "GaksiMil"
with Solenoid Valve, which was developed in the Diaphragm method fudamentally safer than the conventional piston method.

This is the love of mom through mom's milk.

As a manufacturer of baby and infant products, we will do the best to care about the health of
mom and baby by developing new technology and launching new products.
Also, we will countinue to make our efforts in keeping fundamental safety.
Thank you.