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MSJ is a company that returns the best quality to mothers and babies.

  • Company Name
    MSJ Co., Ltd. What is MSJ? It stands for medical System of justness. (which includes corporate philosopy of developing and manufacturing right and just medical equiment)
  • Business Registration No.
    REGISTRATION NO. 132-81-63621
  • Corporation Registration No.
    REGISTRATION NO. 284511-0007225
  • CEO of MSJ Co., Ltd.
    Sun-Bae Jang
  • Details about main businesses
    electric breast pump and maternity goods manufacturing and services
  • Web site
    Web site : www.gaksimil.co.kr
  • Shopping mall
    Shopping mall : www.gaksimil.com
  • Contact
    Chuncheon, Gangwon dongnaemyeon circulation as 878-1
    Tel : (82)33-241-9290~1, e-mail : msj672@naver.com